Triplex (laminated)

For the last few years, the use of so-called bonded glass (triplex) has been quiet widespread. This type of glass is created by bonding two or more glass panes through a polymer membrane - PVB. The bonding of the glass is realized by heating and subsequently applying pressure.





Perfect for places with young children

The triplex glass exhibit maximum resistance to shocks and stresses. This glazing system is distinguished for providing high safety, because when broken the pieces of glass are held in place by the intermediate membranes, preventing the fall of sharp pieces of glass, which would be capable of causing serious injuries! At Garoufalis Glass, your safety is on of our main goals! Thus we always suggest the installation of triplex glass in kindergartens, playgrounds and other places where there are small children, to avoid injuries!


Shield your space

The triplex glazing type protects you to a greater extent than ordinary glazing. Even with violent ruptures the glass remains in place, and it takes considerable time and effort to detach, ensuring greater safety for your home!




Pioneers in triplex glazing!

Garoufalis Glass started importing triplex glass panels in the late '70s. This was a groundbreaking move for the time! Since then, the technology has improved and the types of welded glass panels has increased, allowing us to enrich our product range, so that we can offer you the best specialized solutions for every glass construction.



Triplex double glazing

This type of glazing is used normally together with double glazing, adding higher levels of security and resistance to impacts to the thermal and sound insulation already achieved by the latter.



In 2010 Garoufalis Glass pioneered its way into importing energy efficient triplex glazing, especially with the ClimaGuard Neutral 70 (Laminated)  3mm+3mm and 4mm+4mm. With this move it became the first company in Western Greece to offer triplex double glazing in the market. 





The best choice for maximum sound insulation

The protection of your environment from unwanted noise is a very important goal. Our perception of unwanted noise sticks to the following principle: if the level of unwanted noise in room is reduced by 1dB, it is like the volume of noise is reduced in half. Soundproofing should be applied every time unwanted noise cannot be reduced by other means. In these applications we use special soundproof triplex glazing, ACOUSTIC, which consists of two binded glass panels with a special membrane between them, which absorbs the sound waves. Greater levels of soundproofing can be achieved by incorporating the ACCOUSTIC glass panel into a double glazing system filled with the neutral gas argon.


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Availiability of triplex type glazing

At our company you will be able to find, ready for delivery, triplex glass panels with the following specifications:

Clear (tranparent): 3mm+3mm , 4mm+4mm, 5mm+5mm, 8mm+8mm, 10mm+10mm

Energy Efficient: 3mm+3mm, 4mm+4mm

With white mat membrane: 3mm+3mm, 5mm+5mm

We also offer colored triplex glass panels, as well as bulletproof at request.